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First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds

First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds

​IDI Composites International develops, produces and provides thermoset molding compounds, in close partnership with customers to identify the optimal thermoset molding compound for each application.
IDI Composites Europe proposes BMC (Bulk Molding Compound), SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), CIC (Continuous Impregnated Compound) and MMC (Mineral Molding Compound) materials and new innovating compounds.

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Equipment in the agricultural market is subject to harsh environments, and must withstand significant contraints.

For this reason, manufacturers turn towards compounds as BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) and SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) for new product designs, because these composite materials have been tested under harsh conditions.

Molding compound components in agricultural application :

Insofar as BMC and SMC thermoset composites can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements, they will resist UV influence and will demonstrate superior dimensional stability.

Using compounds for agricultural equipment has several long-term benefits for manufacturers.

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In the agricultural market, the equipment is subjected to harsh environments and must withstand all conditions.
That is why, having excellent and adapted properties, manufacturers are turning to thermoset composites for the design of new products.
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