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First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds

First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds

​IDI Composites International develops, produces and provides thermoset molding compounds, in close partnership with customers to identify the optimal thermoset molding compound for each application.
IDI Composites Europe proposes BMC (Bulk Molding Compound), SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), CIC (Continuous Impregnated Compound) and MMC (Mineral Molding Compound) materials and new innovating compounds.

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BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) is currently specified by major OEM for components production such as :



In addition to their superior dielectric and thermic properties and electrical insulation, large appliance components have superior longevity requirements than many other designs parts.

With a life expectancy of more than ten years, the internal and external environments associated with large appliances include exposure to heat, to corrosives, to weather, to the load and impact.

Applications range goes from oven end-panels and door handles to iron sole-plate covers, fryer bases and lids.

BMC et SMC (Sheet Molding Compound) composites are also used in refrigeration and HVAC products, such as room air conditioners and include housings and condensate drip pans.

Small appliances often generate temperatures exceeding 150°C.
Components require composites with dimensional stability at these temperatures in order to maintain critical performance parameters, as well as specified color and gloss.

By using thermoset composites for the appliance market, manufacturers maintain aesthetic and heat-resistant properties, while eliminating secondary surface finishing and painting operations.

As a result, measurable gains in manufacturing efficiency and profit can be realized.

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Thanks to all these excellent and high performance properties, the thermoset compounds are becoming the materiel of choice for manufacturers and designs engineers looking to develop new products.

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