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First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds

First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds

​IDI Composites International develops, produces and provides thermoset molding compounds, in close partnership with customers to identify the optimal thermoset molding compound for each application.
IDI Composites Europe proposes BMC (Bulk Molding Compound), SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), CIC (Continuous Impregnated Compound) and MMC (Mineral Molding Compound) materials and new innovating compounds.

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IDI Composites International

Leader for more than forty years on the thermoset molding compounds market

IDI Composites International (IDI) is the first formulator and producer of thermoset molding compounds all over the world.

The company provides various types of compounds :

IDI Composites Europe works with molders, equipment manufacturers and OEMs. The markets are numerous, such as transportation (train, bus, trucks, cars, agricultural machines), electrical (lighting, electrical boxes, circuit breakers...), building and public works sector, food industry or service, alternative energy, electrical household appliances, etc.

The European production site is located in France, at 200 kms from the south of Paris, and answer to customers demand in EuropeAfricaRussia and India.

With more than forty years of leadership experience, IDI works closely with customers to identify the optimal thermoset molding compound for each application.

IDI proposes functionnalities around thermoset molding compounds to obtain customers preference and open new markets.

An engineers team and R&D department work in close cooperation to optimize the compounds and to push back their technical limits.

The IDI compounds quality mastery rests on an efficient organization of the company, from the raw materials purchase until the compounds deliveries, further to the Production department and Quality department steps.

The company insists on its QUALITY SAFETY ENVIRONMENT policy. A continuous improvement plan enables IDI staff to be involved into the company life.