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  • Our certifications...

    Our certifications... Since March 2018IDI Composites' certifications have been renewed for 3 years.

    This is the result of the involvement of all the employees.

    The IDI Composites quality management system integrates the quality management system according to the automotive standard IATF 16949 which incorporates ISO 9001, also environmental management according to ISO 14001, and health and safety management according to OHSAS 18001.

First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds

First worldwide formulator of thermoset molding compounds​IDI Composites International develops, produces and provides thermoset molding compounds, in close partnership with customers to identify the optimal thermoset molding compound for each application.
IDI Composites Europe proposes BMC (Bulk Molding Compound), SMC (Sheet Molding Compound), CIC (Continuous Impregnated Compound) and MMC (Mineral Molding Compound) materials and new innovating compounds.